HElllo BIke PEople,

Bonedale bike week is off to an inauspicious start, no wonder; why precisely would you not not burn gas given an opportunity?
Carbondale, great and glorious as it may appear, to no particular concern of cars, is real flat like, which is simply delightful for
utili-biking, and by delightful I mean full of great bike path, and lacking much climbing amongst most commerce. As the National Bike Week cruises along, Bonedale Bike Week is according to schedule quite nicely. Free Coffee care of those cute Bonedaleianz, Grana, Backbone, etc... helped propel my delightfully snowy holland hills commute this morning. Bord By Design declared complete success before, during, and after the construction of said BIKe POLO mallets Tuesday Eve.. And SO here's where Bonedale Bike Week gets a little tricky.. It Turns OUt, bike polo may well be the greatest game currently known by any StOmpArillaz, dare I say in the universe? The Bike Mechanics amongst the crowd immediatley got to playing and continued to do so until sometime around 11 ish, when a silver volkswagon jetta communicated with the squad in the city market parking lot. Darin Binion of Gear Exchange fame was informed by the fellow driving the jetta that someone had complained, (about bike polo apparently not the fact that our Xtra cycles could demolish his jetta in lots of tests); "The cops will be here in 5 minutes, just warnin' yah" Upon hearing this amidst heated BIkE POLO, I was quite curious if the Cops had heard of Bonedale Bike Week??

They had not, nor did they seem to have much interest in the Great and Glorious Game of Bike Polo, but HOt Damn I sure do.. They did want our names, I invited them to ride their bikez out to Bike PoLO Thursday NIght out back of CES off of Weant .. They did claim to have bicycles, perhaps we'll see all ya'll out there... Oh Yah Wednsday Dos Gringoz party SKID Lessons / contest >>>
GotTa go! ChokING... slappy
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