Too late for this sheeit, stomp radio at 8 a.m. tuesday mornin'

KareemSchwinnAbdulbecane is a smooooz cruizer.. not quite smoooz enough though, probably just misusing the jordanz..

actually the pain is prevalent once a usual again.. hooray
no road ride para me this monday' but alas, the double header cruizer ride plus polo practice this evening, preperation for thursday, and a commute tomorrow. that'll do..

And in my quest to get as many bikes as possible, attached to people, Vanessa, has on the occasion of her gradumatation, become a fixxee with 2 brakes..

And last but certainly not least; M.I.A.

Was much more than just off the hook, in ye old denver at the filmore. the most powerful meld of hip political art and hop that i've yet seen, solid

aanyway see you at the double header cruizer ride tuesday at 9

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Anonymous said...

mom called shes says shes losing you..?