Whose worse? Jack Johnson or Leslie Feist?

There is something in the passivity of their specific brand of messageless diet-rock that, along side its(no-fooling here) beautiful aesthetic, makes me violent. Singing of heartbreak like they invented it, when it would appear that pain may be the very thing missing in their lives that holds any hope of saving their awful, awful songs.


illyvanilly said...

hey captain loathing have you tried fighting the pain with schlitz?

JVT said...

Hay captain boring,
Have you tried....
just kidding,
those guys are really bad..
Your a dj, you should
know this.

seriously,dont be such
a fucking pussy Ben, its

Slappy said...

Who walks the line where they can offer as much easily accesible, i.e. subtlety free, content as possible with demonstrably Nice form, and still appeal to those among us who like the dog better than the surfer..?

JVT said...

I think your talking about LeDZepplin,
wait did you say content free or
sublty free.

nice form.

hmm ...slightly loaded question.

um girls have nice form, but i saw feist in an interview and she had Huskee eyes....as in...nothin there...grow up feist...i mean joanna talks like a 2 year old, yet brandishes timeless formal poetry.

F's intimate voice is appalling. it only brings us closer to stupid.

AS for Mr' Johnson....lately i think i think pain as in a swift kick to the balls. Kinda like a swift kick to the head from Ben followed by a powerful, sloppy and genuine derision, or a soccer ball to the nuts while he's sleeping.
That would satisfy me too i think.
mainly cause that'd guarantee a few conversations with him after that...

so the answer to your question is,
Peter Paul and Mary, now there's
some rockers with an edge, and nothin to hide.

MikeVanTasstic said...

Jack Johnson is much, much worse. Not only does he fake his own harmonies, but he is a D- singer, writer and player.
At least Feist is trying to be artsy with a really cool video she did for that recent bubblegum song 1234.

I liked SNL doing the Layed Back Hour , a couple weeks ago. His guests were Jon Mayer and Dave Mathews. They spoke of comfortable shoes and persing faces.
I suggest you go to SNL dot com and watch the opening line of the Jack Johnson Laid Back Hour.

"Hey, Im Jack Johnson......HACky sack."