Sooo, rumor has it, there ought to be some sort of AleeycAT type of
race in 'lil 'ol 'bonedale during bonedale bike week.. which takes place in May sometime..
hmmm , well there are a couple alley's in town, but gosh, I'm wouldn't want ya'll to get hurt riding in the dark or anything, (actually it's not me so much as you, but alas)...
As a certain swampamommamoose has pointed out, there are no messengers or alley's around here and we're all implicitly involved in toyota commercials annyway, but since the only way to get people to crash into each other on bikes is to, well i dunno exactly, but perhaps if some sort of 'plan' is formulated, vaguely resembling what might be called an alley cat in other places, then well, who knows maybe some wanton crashing shall commence.. aanyway just an idea... slappy

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i approve of this message and wish to participate