Soo, a day is guaranteed to go right, if you are awoken by your phone 1 minute before it is to alarm, by a call on vibrate from outside the bedroom, and it turns out to be a good opportunity to get dressed and go home.... andand the call, which is screened and returned later, is from a top notch fellow, who also happens to want to join you at the bike shop for a day of bike building... and of course you're lucky enough to work at a bike shop where the bosses' are as excited as anyone that you and others will spend the day out back, chopping shit up and welding it back together... and andnand that process, after many months of contemplation, results in a far superior tall bike than the two previously constructed in these very quarters.. and of course to have said tall bike completed for all intensive purposes in a leisurley couple hours, with time to do a little actual 'work' as well... well sheesh, you know things are doin' right.. and of course you can't really deny the right-ness of the inagural missioning around town on said tall bike, strong, straight, and fast, when you suddenly find yourself plummeting towards the ground.
Which is precisley what happened as i was perusing the scene of the kdnk radio station cocktail party i was supposed to attend, when, the geometry, exposing the problems inherent in matching head angles going up and up, namely a wheelieness that borders on unruly, and so there i was, with only a coaster brake, and a pot hole in the dark to pop me, pop me free, spinning and suchforth, to the ground. blaMO. And it was only after returning to the top and slowly rolling around to said party that i discovered that one of the 24 ounce pbr's in my bag had become, 'uncanned' and was contained within the bag, and the cell phone had entered the relm of, nonscreenin', So the general amusement was tempered slightly, given thatno personal injury was specifically suffered, but material damage was sustained, and the wheelie bar needs to be. Actually it just needs a 27" rear wheel and a 20 - 24" front.. but damn is it smooth, and straight. no hands, no problem.. Thanks to Aron the welder with mostest...


Anonymous said...

i just cant decide which unorthodox element makes your ass look so big? banana boobs, du du du du du

JVT said...

its the bike,
and the huge ass,
but that bike is sick and the ass