singlespeed ride

Hihi, any single speederz out there? well for whatever reason>> bikes have one gear and it's about time to get the Single SPeed Stompaz Group Rides-a- goin'.

SO this saturday is Red Hill clean up day... And this Sunday Afternoon we're gonna give it a go for a group single speed ride up... RED HIll, don'rt worry, we're gonna be installing the chairlift on saturday..

So , I dunno last year we did them on Monday eve's at like 6 ish.. and it was sort of the thinking, try and follow me here... Bike Mechanics have a propensity for single speedin' (cuz they're broke, can't afford gears, whatev) And So the thinking was, time the single speed rides so that the mechanics can make it, viz. later.. so Sunday would give us the opportunity to get out longer, but I'm not sure the hours of the various bike shops.. So A Little FEeDBacK? ANd if People would be more likely to make it out on another day of the week, lets figure it out, i'd love to get all the Single SPeederz in the valley out, WHOOOHOOOOO

SO lets shoot for 4:30 on Sunday, meet at Dos Gringos, we'll roll up Red Hill and see where it takes us, it's in Swell Shape..

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jvt said...

I just can't do it at midnight on thursday the 18th of March next year.