Brussels, Belgium
June 21, 2005

As a Diplomatic Security special agent, right, keeps a watchful eye, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, center, walks away after being greeted at Ablelag airport by Belgian cycling great Eddy Merckx, left.

So we have conclusive proof that cycling and diplomacy practicaly go hand in hand. Why not crush , like, every record and then go meet the secretary of hot ladies gettin it done. Sheeeet!

I can't wait to visit the new Iraq and like, ride crit laps around the green zone.


ScoobaSteve said...

Isn't she the one, who, in 1975, at the age of nine, in a drunken stupor, punched Eddie Merckx, keeping him from potentially winning his 6th Tour de France?

Anonymous said...

no no no, that was ciara, it was a case of mistaken identity, none the less she was tried and found guilty for intentional disruption of potential worldwide stompaz record settin