Woooooo ook ok so WHO read the full mooon cruizer rules and regs?? Cuz this seemingly
harmless ride took a significant number of different turns and completed a more or less totally new route.. And it was preeetttty sweet luckily there weren't too many fragile individuals and the energy seemed pretty much oonIT all night long.. followed by stomparadio double header

so yeah what exactly is the significance of this fullmooncruiz route change? who knows
there is certainly a collective energy rampin 'round here and it can be diagrammed zigzaggin through the gas pumps

but aaanyway



AdamCarb said...

yeah mmonlight cruise. I thought it was fun. The first ride of spring has usually been fast and happy, so we lived up to it. Maybe it's fine to let the heard find a new path? As long as everybody waits up and has fun, that's all that counts. I just like joy.

Stompa said...

OOOh Joy, yup didn't seem like there was much of a conservatively slow contingent out there this time around sooo that makes exciting new speed herding funnn