Tour Defiance

It may be hard to convey exactly how much energy was produced in last night's conquering of the pitches at Sunlight.  That's right I said, pitches.

There must have been a gravity discrepancy.

WiNverso brought up the polo bike, a fixee sans breagks.  I was purrty amazed at how much he was able to ride.  We criss-crossed our turns up the hill.  Will was going wide...  making big switchbacks, and Sz was going straight up the gut...  or making little slalom S turns.   Drawing an uphill line on a slope-alope is an art form.

The unleashed-but-chained snowcat pugsley, gripping...

The last pitch was the cruxofit. Sz just HAD to take a break about 60 feet from the top.  As if by levitation, he was able to get started on the hill again. (with a few grunts and well-timed revolutions)  Completely treadful results.  Legs were the weak point in that system...  though to be fair to those old stumps, Sz DID stay with Will.  Only because Will kept heckling said Sz.

Officially, there are a total 30 feet of terrain that have not been ascended in the appropriate manner.

Sz, Tim, Cody, and Will  had planned to go down GRizZLY, the way we came up, but on the way Heavy Metal Cody says, "We're going down Defiance!"  Surprised,  I say, "No way, I'm not going down Defiance."  He reiterates, "We are going down Defiance."  I think, "Whatever."  Turns out we were ON Defiance already.  (Upper Defiance, to be specific) Off-camber, and rolling to the left, it was the fastest, gknarliest descent.  One leg on the slope, one foot on a pedal, a stomach on seat, and an ear to the ground.  Once I could see Grizzly Road, I just let it go.

Holy B'Jeezus.

You all deserve a trophy.

NiRad and Kendall built up that Pugzley for the good of all stompaz.  Stop by the gear exchange and give the Pugz a shot one of these nights...  NiRad's taken 'er out WEd next veek.  Hollenback, you next after that?  (Tour Defiance is the sweetest name for an event in G'wood.  K-Rad and NiRad get ALL the credit...  but what will it be?)



nirad said...

i sure do like bikes, snow, skinning, beer, bingers, and of course slappy!!

Sz said...
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Slappy said...

aaah jeez tour de defiance, pugzn up sunny sunday mornin