Fashionista SHow

Well all signs were good for the Telluride Fashion show. I was quite pleased to work for the fine folks installing for the week prior. Building the set and hanging lights and rearranging the telluride conference center was way more enjoyable than modeling as far as i was concerned.
SO Thursday night, the locals night, we managed to get the boombike up to mountain village as well as a couple pugsleys. And some PBR; are we not STOMprZ? Well we got kicked out of the fashion show by a typical douchebag type of fella who reenforces my feelings about mountain village. Kicked out for drinking our own PBR. OUt the door we went, and up went the boombike, and typical douche called the cops. Well who would have guessed the cops didn't want to get out of their cars and thus were unable to follow the boomcycle around the various contrived pedestrian pathways. Then the WhiteParty followed at the Peaks resort, another proud piece of shit huge development up there, and with shitty music too loud and a tremendous amount of attitude keeping people out of the party, we discovered a little pool room/foosball hall on the second floor and rolled the boombike right on up.
We will not NOT Stomp just for the record. Eventually we got tired of our little games and went and stuffed the boom into the gondola and rolled back down to town, away from the land of nothing better to do. Certainly look forward to a future of disassembling mountain village piece by piece and reconstituting it into something useful and appropriately scaled, like a prison at the bottom of the sea. Long story short, we couldn't possibly have had anymore fun at the fashion show than we did, where stompRZ belong; outside.

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Sz said...

Sandanista is more like it.
Its always more fun when the copz are befuddled.

Spankin' new duochromatikism on the boombox! Sweet. Looks so comfy, you could just wear it.