Itz not every day

Not every day, no sir indeed, not every day a 'new' bike comes into your life.. let alone one with your name on it.. but the Gear Exchange is a magical place and whatdayaknow.. I'll be riding this here Cooper road bike. absolutely unequivocally my size, potentially the same age as myself, '81, 8 spd duraaace.. Columbus tubin', holy crap.. knowing somehow that when i gave my road bike away.. (8spd durace beer can red cannondale caad5 with some risd racin' miles on it fosho).--to my brother, another Cooper, knew, knowd', somehow that another road bike would come into my life.. just didn't know it was gonna have my name stamped on top of the fork crown, carved into the lugs, and generally inscribed into the soul, but i suppose that's only fitting. sheesh.. gonna ride it to whence it came tomorrow, the Gear Xchange - luvin' xoxoxo

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