Welll in this late hour I find my self saddened by the news of Sheldon Browns' passing sunday evening. Any of us who have found ourselves trying to figure out a bike question with this here inter-net have inevitably been drawn into Sheldon's massive database of delightful and endlessly informative information. I got both my first SS mtb wheel, which is still running on the street stomper, and my first fixxee wheel, from him at Harris cyclery in W. Newton Ma.
Suffering for the last couple years from MS he suffered a heart attack on 2.3.08 R.I.P http://sheldonbrown.blogspot.com/ I just hope that some day I'll be able to follow his directions for turning a Sturmey archer 3 spd internal hub into a fixxee 3spd.

It's cold out there people, DJ Paypercut is makin' a mess on kdnk right now, he must have missed the memo about classic rock.. sheeesh skinnin' up sunlight is certainly a good idea, 'specially this evenin' with fresh turns still to be had and Yaya's recent cancer stick habit keeping him from repeatedly attacking on the climb.. my goodness.. aanyway don't let it get to you, just cuz you can't win 'em all..

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mattchoo said...

Damn thats so freakin sad, I never met the man but I learned quite a lot from him.
Gotta hoist a cold one and go for a fixie crash in the snow... er I mean ride