OperaTion CluckCLuckCLUCK

Huuuu OK operation thunder fuck. that coulda been a good name for when you guys were backin' me up last year in the race to host... surely though the great and glorious DURangO would have had no problem's what so ever had that been the destination for sswc08.. granted I myself have dabbled in pacifism, but just cuz every one who's been on a bike long enough to get involved with 1x1 wants to go to that one traveling party doesn't really seem to make the task of hosting look any easier.. Of course DUrangO would happliy host the 800 racers and there entourage but who amongst the thunderfuckers really has complete idea of how to go about that? Not me that's for damn sure, you can bet that I'm glad to not be the specific point of bitter bitching for this years event, (which is not say I haven't fielded some calls) but given that noone from durango was there last year.. had I won, (as was alledged) I surely would have been saying ohshitohshitohshitTHUNDerFuCK.. soooo anyway I'm in, yer all pretty cute i guess, don't even know if I'm gonna be able to go.. yah you like that? ggood... hey and while you're THUnDEr FuCking maybe you could help the 08 sswc crew in napa to run this years event more bettereer and maybe get some sort of idea of how YOu would/will host it in time, and then of course you'll be able to makkkkeee eeevrryone happy ... peas out i'm gonna go get a root canal... slappy

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