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...are much appriciated
Does this make sense to you? Is it clear?
Creativity is not a talent, nor is it some intangible gift given only to a few. Its is a skill that can be taught and learned like the other basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. Art is the discipline that teaches the creative process. Moreover, the kind of creativity learned through art is different from creativity inspired by a clever mind, economic incentive, or desperation because it is based in the pursuit of beauty and thus strives for balanced, compassionate and integrated solutions.

what wuz the question? sure sure just close your eyes


Anonymous said...

So since it strives for compassion, does that mean that im not very creative when i say, vomit! now! Vomit Now!

Mothra Pound said...

I like applying this idea to the sensations one might get when considering a brand new medium that might be attached to a good idea they have.

If you truly think it through from the bottom up....it can be done...no problem.