Stompaz F'Life

Erik made it quite clear that he would like to ride his bike on his 4th birthday. In fact, he asked for a Bike Parade, and how can one refuse such a request? One cannot.

Not surprisingly, no one came in first. Coincidence that the single speed moyen is the only one they have ever known?

KDUR et al... I need an excuse to head down to Durango. Aren't we designing some wickedly-efficient structure down there between rides?


skotty2wo said...

you could always come down and design our super efficient dream shack, cause we'll need a place to stay, someday. I think all we have to do is talk about it and then you can write it off as a business trip.....? good enough reason as any to get here for the spring costume SS mayhem.


ScoobaSteve said...

Yes... a new HQ. I think we've got a plan. Whenz the next ride? Its just ... business, right?