I Doped

In the light of the recent wave of confessions, mine can only flower...flower with a bloom of shame.
English is not my first language so i've carefully taken my time articulating this confession.
I have taken Doped.
At the HQ Stmpz invitational Frisbee golf game, I doped. It is not fair for me to have taken the Green Jacket, and i can no longer sleep at night just thinking about it. I must of had 8 doses of the performance enhancing drug PBR, and on top of that, Cannabis Sativa' s active drug THC was also present in my blood. I'm lucky my heart didn't explode.
In another event, The Independence Pass Century I was at it again, only worse. THis was supposed to be a ride too, not a race, I was a monster. I took, One GU, two cliff bars, PBJ, PBR, "sport" jelly-beans, THC, and,well, this is very difficult, the night before, i ate a heaping pile of performance enhancing macaroni, raw garlic and cheese. I am so ashamed.

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ScoobaSteve said...

So that's how you were able to achieve the perpetual road wheelie on a 7% grade....
I knew it wasn't just pure skill.