What Choo Tapin?

There are moments of inspiration, and straight up moments of intoxication. Somewhere in the intersections coool ass fun shit happens (sooory Kids). Tapin is a straight up Slapptastic affair, but thank the good lord baby whatever he (her) is, that the Slappster was kind enough to bring that artform to the table. And while I may have been misinformed about sizers and all that, I been tapin a bit small scale, but that's been good. So here's a freshy sampler of what is goin on at least right hear right now. 1/4 meets 1/8 meets 1/16. Messy bit of whatnot that is. But lookit, lookit the colors.




Slappy said...

some of my favorite tape drawrn's have always been Skotty2's like the ol HQ where he got right after it on the cabinets fo sho

Anonymous said...

can you free up some sqhedule to come to BK so i can tape you up?