12 Hours after the 12 Hours

Thanks to Bike-Wild Crew for the win in the 8-person Open Class yesterday at the 12 Hours of Snowmass.  Let's hear it for the antlered shredders:   The Great White Hope, Getty,Kazzy, Sarah, Brittany, Aaron Dallas, Chris Romeyn and yourSz truelee.
At 4:20, they told me that we were in 2nd place, behind by 24 minutes!  (so, either we had a couple of fast laps late, or we were ahead the whole day...)  To be fair, there were only 2 teams in the Open Class, but we were told there were 3, so we beat the non-existent ghost team, too!
Will I AM Inverso gets accolades and fanfare and donuts for leading out the solo singlespeeders for most of the day, smashing through a brick wall to get into the pain cave, and still hanging on for 3rd!
NiRad came in with a very respectable 5th in Solo Single;  in Men's Solo, Randy Mason got 6th and Double R Double T got 10th!  Les resultats.

Michael Hayes' Honey Stinger Trio Co-Ed team won their class, too.

Bike-Wild also raised over $600 for the Aspen Youth Center!  So, thanks to everyone for your generous donations.

next time...  less brakes, less pork rinds,
...and remember - Pugs'in is Thuggin'


Slappy said...

snice stompn any pugz laps?

Sz said...

wuz there ever!
just one very good one, and no one except the guy who was trying to catch me will ever know just how much of an advantage the Pugs was on that course!

nirad said...

i should ve raced the pugz for the 12 hours!! pugzn is thuggn