All downhill from here at the top of Bridal Veil Basin, where Scotty2 won the bacon chocolate bar for impeccable hill climbing. Granted, the top that he reached first was a trick top that looked down on Ophir and we came back to the Wasatch trail saddle, but he won, despite Justin bringing the ruckus all the way from Silverton

Timing and Preparation come together at the PROdoperZTour with the 4:20 am prologue road race acually taking place at 4:20 pm on Sunday; Scooba on the attack Pugs.

The ladies comp was fairly convivial, with Hilary taking the big W through her ability to supply us with the most important dope throughout, lasagna.

Scooba negotiates more sweetness album here

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Sz said...

that was the most professional event I have ever had the pleasure to take part in