Good idea.

Highline Lake STate Park,  for our campsite, #27, WEd & Thur BEFORE the Fruita Race.  Turns out NiRad is racing, and the rest of us are chasing him, in a supportive, constructive kind of way, of course.  Like by throwing water balloons from the canoe..

So, get there early...  and set up the tramp.  If any one asks, you're Stevesie G. Novy, III.

This blatant squatting action, combined with some sweettalkin' to the campground host & hostess... (they like pastries)  and we should be good.


Slappy said...

Well we blew everyones minds in a pretty good way when we raced xtra's to begin with and we'll continue in that vein by touring there and transitioning from an 8 person race squad to a 1 person race squad with a hyper active support squad, log story short, if you can't ride with Nirad go back to bed

nirad said...

Will says he's gonna race it solo too!! yeehaw!!