Could be worse!!

The US has a MAJOR debt problem. Including future social security and Medicare expenses we owe $65 TRILLION. Because we live in a world in which the words, “billion” get thrown around with too much ease, I’d like to put that number into perspective.

Let’s say you have a stack of $1,000 bills. $1 million would be a stack eight inches high. $1 billion would be a stack 800 feet high (think the Washington Monument). And $1 trillion would be a stack 142 miles high. Total US debt, if laid on its side, would be a stack of $1,000 stretching more than 1/3 of the way around the earth.

>Gosh I love Danny Schechter News Dissector.. .


Hardondee said...

yo yo yo,

the US is going bankrupt. watch out for those chinese, max.

(dude who rolled through with the bike board)

Slappy said...

Safety always, R, peas m