Thin of ho muh fun we wil hav!

I'll be in town monday, tuesday, wedsndoy,thursday,friday,saturnday,sunday,monday, tuesday, wedsndoy,thursday. Un Du Trois four five six sept huite 9 dix elven days with all of you!

Sparkle time!!!! I'll be rolling out on a sweet red Sears and Roebuck with cross tires and the worst saddle ever. I love you...Go to college!

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Stompa said...

Noot Goin to college!!! hey friday teh 21st is full mooon cruizer tiny pony dance party saturday teh 22nd is stompalope tele loepn days at sunlight one pieces sTRONGLY recomenededed and Saturday night is an ordinary dance party in bonedale
bring your wivenoters ohMMyGOoosh i just caan't wait to see you salppy