seems but a snap ago that young ben cooopr wuz just scurryin' around lookinTROUBle well he gradumatated from Fort LEwis College with a BA in Theatre and i gave him a painting to mark the ooocccasion..

aaaaaanyway he'll be gettin involved with the new yearz musical chairz puppetterz DJ experience at SAW so thatz nice aaanyway lots to do between now and den..

1. Get SAW invitez- get one to John Oates

2. Get FuelLUV Stmpz screenprint screen reprinted print-session

3. STompa Summit

4. FMC xmas cruissr ride flyerz gifts etcetc

5. xmas?

etc. xoxoxoxox slapppy


wanker said...

extinction level evention locale united states of abbrasivstan

SS said...
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SS said...

BenC very fortunate to get that paint-n.
FMC, summit, Stompaz all come together...