stmpn 4 heyzues

Wellwelll welll just making some new full moon cruizr flyerz for the summer gettin back to 9 it's niciice out that's for sure this past weekend saw trouble again as usual, ben trouble cooper, looking for it the biken squad rollin strong on friday eve with some town cruizen, starin down the cops forever of course.. as well as doin some secret bridge assisted star viewing .. and saturday night
the first annual CarBombDale Frisbee Golf Invitational ... delightful action on the stompaz night course.. and the cops confirmed that not only is night golf the most approporiate way to ring in the st. patty's day, but it's also legal?! sweet.

And in the midst of figuring out the full moon schedule, discovered that June has TWO full moonz and the first one happens to be on First Friday.... a certain you know who's inagural solo opening at SAW.. followed by an off the hook dance party at notHQ! see ya there

And Tonight STOMP radio double header.. see you in the morning...


Anonymous said...

dance part at AJAX!!!

AdamCarb said...

Stompaz. Sweet. Thanks for settin' up the full moon summer program. I've been slacking but stompaz always be pickin up the slack. It should be Awesome! My only request/reminder/suggestion is that this event not be too wild. We want grandma and tiny Bob to feel safe and welcome. We stompaz are the SHEPHERDS on the full-moon ride. The GUARDIANS and the GRACIOUS HOSTS. Don't mind changin' the route a little, but it would be nice to stick to one throughout. The gente likes predictability and it helps them feel more in control/ a part of what's happening. Cant wait for April 2! Ride On!